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What is A.U.gust?

A.U.gust is a silly term, but the meaning is self-explanatory: an entire month (August, specifically) dedicated to writing Shameless AU fanfiction!

What is an AU?

An AU, or Alternate Universe, is a story in which there is a major plot, setting, or character deviation…

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I have started my super awesome A.U.gust fic.

Can wait you guys to read it. Hope you like supernatural stuff.

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This is a network for everyone who loves and ships Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich from the US series “Shameless”

Must be following Madeline and Kylie
Fill out this quick survey
Reblog this post (likes will be considered bookmarks)
Track the tag #ianxmickeynet for updates
Nice and friendly bloggers
Must post at least some Shameless or Gallavich
Must absolutely LOVE Ian and Mickey :)
New friends and followers!
A spot on the network-members page!
Help with blog-related stuff from other members (edits/graphics/gifs/fanfics and more)!
A place to share all of your Gallavich-feels with other Ian/Mickey shippers!
Message Madeline or Kylie with any questions 
We’ll pick 10-15 members once enough people have applied
Once you get picked, we will send you an email inviting you to join the network chat
You will also be asked to submit an icon and short description for the network page

Good luck everyone :)
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thelordof221b answered: There’s Jacob, that’s for sure… I don’t know if he has any other kid though :/

thelordof221b I could’ve sworn he had three sons. Of well. Guess i’ll just have to make it up as I go. But thanks :D

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Does anyone recall Clayton mentioning any of his other kids names?

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